About Us

We are the Developers of the Smart City Jamaica - A New Town and Medical City

Our Hospital, when complete, will feature start-of-the-art technology, focused quality patient care, resort setting, and recovery condos, all set within a Live, Work, and Play Smart City.

Our New Town (Smart City) development will provide thousands of new jobs and career opportunities, through healthcare and healthcare services, light industries, food security programs, renewable energy, commercial districts, education, entertainment, cultural districts, financial centers, and tourism, all helping to support the medical city.

Follow us, Contact us,  as we move forward with our New Town and Medical City development.

This is Smart City, Jamaica

Smart City Jamaica Ownership through Https://Community.SmartCityJa.Com

Smart City Community Ownership

Let us keep it simple.

Imagine you were given the opportunity 5, 10, or 20, years ago to invest in every building built in New Kingston, What would your income look like today from your share of housing sales, on-gong commercial rentals and leases in the city?

Our Community Ownership program at External link opens in new tab or windowHttps://Community.SmartCityJa.com offers you that option now.