Portmore Hospital and Medical City - Development

Contractor and Subcontractor Requirements - Summary

Subcontractors, herein referred to as "Subs", bidding or desiring to work on the new Portmore Hospital development that began site preparation works in late 2012 and slated to begin construction soon, must meet a number of requirements and conditions.

  1. Provide CayJam Development with a Bank Guarantee for 20% of the contract value of their estimated scope of works;
    1. Bank Guarantee must NOT be an Insurance Bond.
  2. All Bank Guarantees must be in place before the contract is given;
  3. Said Bank Guarantee shall remain in force for the duration of the contract period;
  4. The Subcontractor shall perform the Work in accordance with and subject to each of the provisions of the Main or Prime Contract to the full extent that each such provision is applicable to the work.
  5. Must agree to the terms and conditions of the main contract document;
  6. Must agree to and abide by the Site Rules and meet all Health and Safety Requirements;
  7. Must agree to and abide by the terms and condition of the Subcontractor Requirements and Obligations;
  8. Must meet Subcontractor Insurance Requirements;
  9. Must ensure workers have completed any required training;
  10. Must agree to work in harmony with all trades to ensure continuous workflow for a timely and successful completion of the development.
  11. All Contractors and Subcontractors must agree for CayJam's representatives to visit past and or current work sites or projects, and obtain references directly in order to verify QUALITY OF WORK in all aspects BEFORE contract award and commencement of work on CayJam sites. 

In addition, the Subcontractor shall begin the Work contracted and directed by the Contractor, and shall carry out such Work with speed and dispatch so as not to delay the progress of completion of any other work of the Contractor or any other subcontractor in connection with the development in question. Contractor may charge back to the Subcontractor damages suffered by the Contractor caused by a delay of the Subcontractor in the performance of this contract.

Subcontractor must maintain a clean work area and shall clean up after the Subcontractor’s Work, and if this is not done expeditiously after notification by the Contractor, said cleanup may be done by the Contractor, and charged to the account of the Subcontractor. In the event that the Subcontractor delay’s the Contractor or other subcontractors, the Subcontractor shall be notified in writing, and have forty-eight (48) hours to perform under the terms of his contract, or the contract shall be immediately terminated at the option of the Contractor.

Guarantees will be used in such event to remedy any default by the subcontractor in order to avoid further delays and keep the work flowing.

 For more information, please contact the Project Manager or email info@cayjam.com