Portmore Medical Group (PMG Ltd.)

A Cayman Islands Exempted Company



The Portmore Medical Group was formed as the Special Purpose Vehicle through which physician investors can purchase shares in the hospital.  This would give physicians not just an investment opportunity in the hospital, but also special access, privileges and opportunities not available to non-investors - PMG Advantage

Purchase of a limited amount of shares in the hospital is possible in blocks of 1,000 shares at a price of US$350.00 per share.  This is the current price, but with escalating costs the price is expected to increase as construction progresses. 

Physicians who have already committed and part paid for their shares, are locked in at the original share price of US$200.00 per share.

CayJam Development, sponsors of PIH, have arranged an offer of 85% financing for the potential Physician Investor (for a limited time only) wishing to take advantage of this opportunity. A deposit of US$50,000.00 is required, with the balance being financed over 3-5 years at the current, USA bank, loan rate of interest.  PIH shares purchased will serve as collateral against the loan.

The deposit must be completed by November 30, 2016, and a binding commitment must be made prior to September 30,  2016 to lock in the current price.

Financing for the Physicians to purchase shares in the Portmore Hospital has now been arranged. In order for financiers to process the request we will need each individual participating doctor requiring financing to provide us the following documents:

  1. An Updated CV or Resume
  2. Copy of the ID page of your Passport
  3. Proof of Employment.  If self-employed, Financials covering the last two years
  4. Practice Certificate
  5. One Bank Reference
  6. Completed Commitment Letter

A block (1000 shares) may consist of only one physician or a group of investors headed by a one primary physician.

As of April 4th, 2016, the price per share is US$350.00. This price is subject to review as the construction of the hospital progresses.


The PMG Advantage

Phase one construction will include the Portmore International Hospital complex and a condominium cluster of 3-bedroom/3 bath units overlooking a 5-acre lake, designed to meet the anticipated growth in that community circle. The units will be constructed with the needs of Physician Investor/ Medical Staff Investor in mind. Apart from a personal lodgings facility, projected patient/visitor inflow will guarantee a revenue stream with predictable return on investment, affirming the value of purchase.  The PIH project roll out template will enable PIH condos to appreciate in value and capital exceeding market standards.

Investors in the in PIH will have an exclusive and limited opportunity to purchase units at preferred rates and at pre-construction prices. 

Investors who have paid for their shares in full will be able to apply for owner financing to purchase condominium units there.


As a member of the Portmore Medical Group (PMG Ltd.), you have access to diverse benefits designed for your professional and personal advancement.

These include (among other things):

  • CME courses
  • Networking
  • Access to Owner Financing to purchase Condos
  • Special Health Club Fees and Access
  • Reserved Covered Car Park
  • Benefits under the PMG Advantage are based on the level of investment on a per physician basis. 

    Our Contact Information is:
    CayJam Development Ltd.
    P.O. Box 2521 GT, KY1-1104, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
    Tel: 1-345-917-5449, 1-305-508-4516   Email: info@cayjam.com