Portmore International Hospital and Medical City
Type Private Hospital
Projected Beds 64-120 Phased
Category Multi-Specialty,  State-of-the-Art
Location Central Portmore, Jamaica
Building Size 90,000 - 150,000 sq. ft.
Expected Completion 2017
Commissioning 2017/18
Project Objective Scope of Services Specialty Focus Project Design Success Factors
The Portmore Hospital Development is a 104 acre development in Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica. The primary feature of the development is the 64-120 Bed Multi-Specialty, State-of-the-Art, American designed and operated Hospital. The development will also feature a medical  and univdersity campus; a gated lakefront condominium complex for medical recovery and a limited number of townhouses for medical staff; fully covered air-conditioned entertainment commercial and shopping mall with a indoor family sports mall; man-made lakes; a massive renewable energy generation plant and other required infrastructure.

The first phase of the development is 64-bed hospital; 1 block  57,000 sq. ft. medical campus; 4.5 MW Solar PV Plant, 5-acre lake; and 45-50 3-bedroom condos for medical recovery and  a limited number of 2 & 3 bedroom townhouses for medical and other professional staff.

Project Objective  

Scope of Services

The objectives of the Portmore Hospital and Medical City are:

  • To be a financially viable business that is sustainable in the long term and which provides, in time, access to affordable and quality healthcare in a private facility;

  • To provide quality medical services for the population;

  • To establish a reputation as a Center of Excellence, and be a market leader in specialized medical services;

  • To strengthen teaching opportunities through co-operation with the University of the West Indies Medical School, foreign universities and medical teaching institutions;

  • To attract local specialists by offering them state-of-the-art facilities with highly qualified hospital staff and an efficient and effective management team; and

  • To apply the latest standards in specialized diagnostic and therapeutic services supported by information technology and telemedicine.

The hospital will provide the following service portfolio over the course of its two phase development:
Internal Medicine;     General Surgery, including:

Pediatrics Obstetrics & Gynecology
Orthopedics E N T
Ophthalmology incl laser treatment Dental Services on an outpatient basis
Imaging Services (General X-Ray, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, CT)
Anesthesiology  Intensive and Coronary Care
Nursery and Special Care Nursery Emergency/Accident Services
Family Practice Dermatology

(Other specialties will be added based on continued business assessment and physicians)

See our Specialist and Super Specialists Focus

Specialist Focus &Super-Specialties

Project Design - Site Plan

  • Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery. Services will include invasive catheterization, pacemaker implant; open  heart surgery, coronary intensive care as well as non invasive functional diagnosis such as Echocardiography, Stress Test, Holter, Pacemaker follow-up, Cardiology Services also include cardiac rehabilitation.

  • Neurology � Neurosurgery. This service will focus on one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. The Portmore Hospital and Medical City will become the market leader in neurology services providing full fledged diagnostic facilities such as EEG, EMG, evoked potential studies. Treatment will include the full range of physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.

  • Gynecology � Fertilization. As the fertilization program becomes a known service, the hospital will provide IVF services.

  • Urology/Nephrology. Urology/Nephrology services will include all major diagnostic services as well as Lithotripsy. The services will be complemented by a dialysis unit which will serve both inpatients and outpatients.

  • Nuclear Medicine. To complement the cardiology and neurology focus, the hospital will also provide Nuclear Medicine Services with a Gamma Camera.

  • Intensive Care Specialists. To clinically support the services within the ICU/CCU unit.

  • Hematology/Oncology. Services will provide outpatient chemo-therapy focused cancer treatment.

  • Gastroenterology. Will include all modalities of diagnostic and therapeutic evaluations and treatment. Fully equipped endoscopy lab.

  • Pulmonology. To provide diagnostic and therapeutic care for the high incidence of respiratory ailments in Jamaica.

  • Endocrinology. Supports all other specialties.

The basic design of the hospital will be a single storey building that facilitates access and provides quality ambience (see figure above and click here to see General Hospital Layout). These designs have been successfully developed and implemented by the partner/operator of the hospital, Cardio Vascular Hospitals of America, CHA.

A minimum of two hundred and fifty parking spaces will be developed. Enough land will be available to increase this if it becomes necessary.

The hospital will be an elevated facility (to mitigate the risk of and from any flooding and storm surges).

The facility will have its own renewable power generating plant including a massive solar and other renewable energy power plant in addition to its two backup generators to ensure continued operation in the event of power outages or some catastrophe that causes power outages.

In addition, the property will have its own water generation systems including several high capacity storage areas. This ensures that the property, with its massive water requirement does not burden the city's main water resource, and could also help supplement the city's water needs.

There will also be a heli-pad to accommodate air ambulance services. The hospital will have its own med-evacs.

A residential Community featuring a limited number 3-bedroom up-scale Lake front and Lakeview condo units around a large 5-acre man-made lake will offer top class accommodations and excellent investment opportunities. A special gated set of town houses will be made available with nuses and medical professional having first preference.

The condos  and town houses are expected to be completed at the same time as the hospital is ready to accept patients.

There will also be a medical campus featuring a nursing school, medical and dental schools.  It will eventually become a Knowledge City featuring several campuses on approximately 25 acres, with its own food courts, multi-purpose auditorium, and state of the art lecture theatres.

The development with its District Coolling will eventually feature a fully covered indoor shopping mall complete with a rainforest theme section, water features, kids play area, and a 60,000 - 75,000 sq ft family indoor sports center.

(Keep checking for more details on this exciting aspect of the development.)

Success Factors

Investment and Employment Opportunities

In order for the proposed facility to be successful, the following will need to be accomplished:    
  1. The facility will need to be a state-of-the-art reputable private hospital that creates a patient focused environment utilizing high quality nursing service with state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities;

  2. Abase of referring specialists who are board certified or have equivalent board certification, who are affiliated with the hospital and who establish clinics at the hospital on a sessional basis;

  3. Accreditation of the hospital in some form to be pursued within a five year period.

  4. A base of clients will need to be established who are able and prepared to pay for quality services

The Portmore Hospital Development offers significant investment and employment opportunities. Please contact CayJam Development to obtain more information.

Special opportunities exist for Medical Professionals who wish to be owners in the hospital itself. As SPV, Portmore Medical Group (PMG Ltd.) has been established to facilitate this process.

Persons seeking employment are encouraged to submit CVs to info@cayjam.com now to take advantage of the early process. Nurses, please send your CVs and application cover letter to nurses@portmorehospital.com

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