CayJam's Lewis, Mayor Lee & Dr. Badr in Kansas
This page is dedicated to the late mayor George Lee, whose vision it was for the development of a first class and modern hospital for Portmore. One that would provide quality health care for all of Jamaica, thus drawing business and further development to his beloved city, Portmore. All efforts are now being made to fulfill this vision and we seek and need the support of all of you to make this a reality.

We have many pictures of His Worship over the years from his first visit to Grand Cayman at the inception of this development to his last speech at our Meet and Greet Sunday reception at the Rodney's Arm restaurant in Portmore on April 28th 2013. The pictures here depict him in various settings and meetings with regard to the project and his dedication to its success.

Although the hospital will be a private facility, it is designed and structured to be of a high quality, yet affordable for the people of Jamaica. The overall development, of which the hospital is only 10%, is structured and designed for success.  The development will be an attraction for local and international business to Portmore, thus further enhancing the city and creating a future with continued modern growth and success.

His name will forever live on through this facility in addition to scholarships in his name, and community development programs in his honor.

His support, dedication, and guidance with this development over the years will be sadly missed.

Mayor George Lee, his staff, advisors listens to Cayjam VP Carol Gould

Mayor George Lee, his staff and legal team with CayJam signs MOU

Mayor George Lee, his staff, advisors and legal team with CayJam signs MOU

Mayor George Lee, his staff and councilors in Kansas Medical Center, Wichita.

Mayor Lee takes a preview of his future hospital OR Suite.

Mayor Lee and Mrs. Lee tours the hospital, the model of which will be built in his Portmore

Stablizing the Jamaican flag, as he tries to build a better future for his city.

Mayor Lee receives a gift from our Korean designers as Mrs Lee looks on.

Mayor Lee, his staff,  and members of the CayJam development and solar plant design team at his office in Portmore in 2012.

Mayor Lee chats with Rich Farmer, the hospital construction manager from CHA in early 2012.

Arm in sling

Mayor Lee attends Cayjam reception at Rodney's Arm restaurant.

Mayor Lee at CayJam's reception after Meet and Greet Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mayor Lee speaks at the CayJam Meet and Greet reception - April 2013

Mayor Lee at Meet and Greet Sunday

Mayor Lee at site Meet and Greet Sunday in April 2013

Meet and Greet Sunday - April 2013

Mayor Lee at Meet and Greet Sunday

More photos to come.