CayJam Development - Portmore Internaional Hospital & Medical City Development

Employment Opportunities

NOTE: Nurses of Jamaica - Submit your Applications and Qualifications Now for Evaluation and Interview
Send Emails to: Nurses@PortmoreHospital.Com or Nurses@CayJam.Com

The Portmore International Hospital and Medical City development is part of a larger more comprehensive development encompassing 104 acres of land in central Portmore, Jamaica. 
The total development will feature:

So what are the job/employment  and training opportunities? 

During construction, the project through its various contractors and sub-contractors will employ hundreds of skilled and semi-skilled personnel.

Post construction positions will include among others:

Med Techs Nurses Doctors Artists
Managers incl. HR Therapists (Occupational/Physical, etc), Engineers and Support Personnel Chefs & More Chefs
Housekeepers Gardeners and Landscapers Receptionists and Welcome agents Waiters
Drivers & Mechanics Network Engineers Accountants and Accounting Clerks Personal Trainers
Cashiers and Store staff Materials Management Plant Operations and Maintenance Counselors
Data entry operators General Maintenance Public Relations and Communications Clinical Assistants
Instructors Analysts & System Consultants Project Managers and Project Coordinators Cosmetologists
Gym Instructors Security Personnel Program managers and Coordinators Gym Supervisors
Legal Assistants Engineering Technicians Community Development Directors & Liaisons Aerobics Instructors
Landscaping and Grounds Sales and Marketing Reservations and Travel Agents Condo Managers
Computer Programmers Web Developers Web Managers Network Security
Graphic Designers Painters Secretaries & PAs Interior Designers


This is not a comprehensive list, and the hospital and other areas will list many other positions and job opportunities at the appropriate time,
but this list gives you an idea of the brand new positions that will be available. The question is, are you qualified?

CayJam Development is encouraging all Portmore residents who intend to seek employment both for the construction phase and operational phase of the hospital, medical campus, condos, etc., to get qualified now. Preference will be given to those persons who are qualified.  Do not wait until the hospital is constructed before you begin your qualification.

Construction workers are all expected to meet the requirements set forth, poses a valid TRN or equivalent, national identification card or equivalent; HEART certification or equivalent, and are prepared and willing to work and to be trained.

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