Investor Opportunities in Portmore Hospital and Medical City

Investor Options and Opportunities

Persons seeking an opportunity to invest in the Portmore Hospital and Medical City have several options and may contact us for further details. Some of these options include general investment in the hospital, in the development, in housing, or being part of the medical investment group.

For general investment in the hospital, you may contact us at via email at

The strategy and structure of the development for success, will create a good opportuity for a strong buy-in from the local and general stakeholders ---which we see everyone being a part of, and the Jamaican diaspora looking good investments back home.

As of January 2014, reservations for purchasing of the townhouses are going well. However, there is request to date for over 120 2-bedroom units for rental. This is great news for anyone wishing to purchase units and putthem in the pool for rentals. This number is growing but there is a limited number for purchase...and our staff and job applicants will have priority  to purchase now. 

Town Houses      -   Invest in one or more of the luxury town houses for rental back to medical professionals who are unable to purchase their own town house in the medcial city. Making luxury and comfort affordable for our medical staff living and working in the Portmore Medical City.

Condominiums     -  Taking luxury and exclusivity to a whole new level, the condos of the Portmore Medical City, with their exquisite lake front view, will provide patients in the medical recovery program, the comfort and focus on wellness, with olnly the finest appointments and appliances set in rich wood, marble and granite finishes with expected five-star rating,  to enhance a tropical recovery experience. 

Other Areas         -   Medical professionals are offered ownership in the hospital and can do so through the Portmore Medical Group or by contacting us at the contact information below.

Townhouse Condominium
Townhouse Booklet w/floor plans & elevations
Download: Priority Town House Reservation Form
Condominium Booklet w/floor plans & elevations

NOTE:  Nurses and Allied - Submit your Applications and Qualifications Now for Evaluation and Interview

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