Early Recruitment Excercise Now in Progress for Nurses for the proposed Portmore Hospital

Proposal for Nurses to Work in the Portmore Medical City

Qualified and Accepted Nurses will be offered a contact or an LOI for a contract, to work in the proposed Portmore Hospital when completed. All Nurses are required to meet the requirements of the Nursing Council of Jamaica. All Nurses must undergo additional training by or at our sister hospital.


a.       Provide Job Application Letter

b.       Provide resume and qualifications (copies of certificates)

d.       Provide Personal Net Worth Statement if required and you are also purchasing one of the townhouses

e.       If currently employed, provide some proof of current employment.

f.         Other financial statements may be required.


a.        Interview and Evaluation of Applicants - Done individually or in groups

b.       Applicants must meet the basic criteria required by Cardiovascular Hospitals of America (CHA), our development partner and hospital operator,  for working in the Portmore Hospital

c.        For Nurses and other medical professionals who wish to live in the Medical City, Please Complete and submit a Townhouse Reservation Form.

Conditions for Town House Purchase in the Portmore Medical City:

d.       Complete Townhouse Purchase-Sale Agreement

e.       Provide the required Deposit, where applicable, for the townhouse of your choice.

f.         CayJam may offer a 60/40 Split in order to make owning your townhouse in the Medical City easier.

g.        Your bank/financial service partner, including NHT can process a loan to purchase townhouse of your choice at 60% of the pre-construction price.  CayJam will/can carry other 40% of the loan and complete that portion of the agreement after contract to work in the hospital is in effect. Your bank/financial service partner will take the first charge on your townhouse property.

h.       Successful applicants must obtain a Minimum 5-year employment contract with Portmore Hospital.



a.        The value of the type of townhouse is worth more than twice the pre-construction offer price to the medical staff.

       We are currently offering  a 2 bed/2 bath townhouse with a pre-construction selling price of US$155,000.00. Your loan from your bank would be US$93,000 or JA$9.3 million if you are given our 60/40 split.  CayJam Development will/can carry the difference.

b.       After commencement of employment contract with the Portmore Hospital, and subject to review, CayJam will work with your bank or our bank to consolidate your loans into one, set against a much better remuneration and benefit package you will be receiving at that time. 


c.        Value of townhouse will appreciate considerably as the development progresses. Since your pricing will be at the pre-construction level, you can expect that the value of your townhouse or investment will appreciate some 100% or more over the first two years of the development.

d.   Many benefits to residents of the Medical and Knowledge City, including discount programs, incentives, and additional revenue options. Details will be provided during face to face interviews.

NOTE:  Nurses - Submit your Applications and Qualifications Now for Evaluation and Interview

Send Emails to: Nurses@portmorehospital.com or Nurses@cayjam.com