CayJam Development

Timeline of Activities on the Portmore Medical City development.



Third - Last
Quarter 2014 to Last Qtr 2017
Massive Redesign based on updated site conditions. Look and feel to be that of a resort with health and wellness facilities/td>
First - Second
 Quarter 2014
  • CayJam and Korean construction company, SEOBON Construction signs new agreement as Main Contractor.
  • This assures the building of a Masterpiece and Showcase development in Portmore for the Region.
  • Townhouse layout revised to the cityscape option. Will transform the look and feel of the area.
  • Onsite road infrastructure and the extraction of hundreds of concrete tower anchors from the old C&W telecom site.
  • Design process ongoing for rest of development.
January 2014 Roads infrastructure works on site to begin shortly in preparation for the development.
Nurses and other medcial staff given first option to purchase or rent town houses within the Medical and Knowledge City. Work, Live well and Play.
November 2013 CayJam Development signs construction contract with SEOBON Construction of South Korea for the Town house phase of the Hospital development.
Special Cayjam Development to develop and dedicate web page to late Mayor George Lee showing his various support and involvment in the development of Portmore Hospital project over the years.
September 2013 Early recruitment process begins for the proposed Portmore Hospital nurses and other medical professionals. Nurses will have to be hired upon the start of construction of the hospital in order to start their enhanced training program the hospital requires.
August 6, 2013
Tue, Aug 06, 2013
Omega Commercial Finance Corporation's Subsidiary & Lending Arm CCRE Capital LLC Executes $170-Million Construction Loan Document to Cayjam Development Limited
May 2013 CayJam Development completes the final acquisition of 104 acres of land from the NIF. This final step will signal the commencement of the long awaied "more than just a hospital" Portmore International Hospital and Medical complex with Knowledge City for a first of its kind development in Jamaica.  Local company ASI Developers were instrumental in finalizing this imortant milestone.
April 2013 MEET & GREET Sunday.  Lenders, Developers, Operators, Mayor Lee and Stakeholders met on the site for a Meet and Greet ceremoney on April 28, 2013.

New Kid Corp begins the stockpiling of stones and shingles for the massive 30-acre solar farm as part of the Portmore Hospital amd medical center development commences.
March 2013 Following massive site cleanup CayJam Development now begins site preparation for construction works.
October 2012 CayJam begins site clearing and site engineering assessment at the Newlands Site. Local Jamaican contractor, New Kid Corp. will carry out the site clearing and site preparation works.
Work is expected to last through December providing much needed employment to hundreds of local residents.
July 2012 First phase of the Portmore Hospital development to include massive Solar PV plant to power the development during and after its construction.
April 2012 CayJam Development signs contracts with major international contractors to complete design and construction of the Portmore hospital and medical center complex.  Press releases will follow in due course.
February 2012 CayJam Development finalizes new loan for the construction of the Portmore Hospital and Medical Center with the north coast resort extension.
November 2011 CayJam Development Ltd. engages general contractor for the construction of the Portmore Hospital and Medical Center as well as an extension of the Portmore facility in Montego Bay.

October 2011

CayJam Development Ltd. finalizing new loan arrangement that will make it easier for local contractors to meet required guarantee requirements in order to participate in the construction of the Portmore Hospital and Knowledge City complex. Stringent performance guarantee requirements for contractors have been a major hurdle for contractors. Although a bit relaxed, contractors and sub contractors will still be held accountable for every aspect of their work including timeliness, very high quality in workmanship and finish, and teamwork.

December 2010

CayJam, Cardiovascular Hospitals of America (CHA) and operator for the proposed Portmore Hospital and Medical Center, proposed new contractor, and lenders gathered at CHA�s main hospital in Wichita, Kansas to set new timelines for the start of construction of the Portmore Hospital and Medical Center for Portmore, Jamaica. Click here for photos.

2010 Global Financial crisis slows development progress.

March 2010

CayJam Development re-open search for a new general contractor qualified and experienced to take on the construction job for the massive Portmore Hospital and Medical Center, with its Knowledge City and supporting infrastructure in Portmore, Jamaica.

September 2009

CayJam Development completes expansion designs for the Portmore Hospital development. A more comprehensive layout and utilization featuring hospital, medical housing, university campus, shopping and other necessary infrastructure geared to meet the needs or a growing Portmore population as well as attract medical and educational tourism and other businesses to Portmore. Browse this site to see the new site layout.

July 2009

 Ingemel S.A.,  a multi-disciplinary engineering and architectural Design firm in Florida, has been contracted to redesign and "tropicalize"  the MEP services for the Portmore Hospital. This redesign will result in better and more efficient work flow during construction, and more efficiency of the services, and  a "Greener" development.

May 25, 2009

CayJam Development and Kier Construction signs contract for the building of the Portmore Hospital, Medical Campus, Condominiums, Roads and Drain Improvements, and Lake construction. 

October 2008

CayJam and CHA enter negotiations with Ashtrom Building Systems and Kier Construction for the construction of the Portmore Hospital, Medical Campus, Town Houses, Roads improvement, and Lake construction.


CayJam Development awards conditional contracts for the construction of the Portmore Hospital and Medical Center.


CayJam Development took shortlisted contractors for the Portmore Hospital on a visit to Indiana to tour the latest CHA model of the hospital under construction. 


Cayjam Development shortlists the team of contractors for the proposed Portmore International Hospital and Medical Center.


CayJam receives approval from the Office of the Prime Minister to acquire the full 104 acres for the Portmore hospital and hospital infrastructure development.


CayJam Development holds first of the year meeting with the Portmore Municipality technical staff and the new mayor, Keith Hinds.


CayJam Development receives commitment letter from the NIF for CayJam to acquire the full 104 acres land for the Portmore hospital development. 


CayJam Development signs agreement with AYR Development for the debt finance to complete the Portmore Hospital. 

July-Aug  2007

CayJam entertains key insurance companies in the region interested in working with the new Portmore Hospital when completed. Representatives visit our model hospital in Wichita, Kansas.


CayJam Development makes breakthrough to purchase 52 acres of land from the Jamaica government on which the Portmore International will be built.


CayJam Development team, its consultants, financial advisors and the National Insurance Fund conduct high level meeting on the acquisition of the 104 acres of land in Portmore for the hospital development.


Portmore Hospital development requires more land for expanded hospital and infrastructure development.


CayJam Development moves ahead in discussions to acquire additional land for the development of the Portmore hospital complex.


CayJam Development reviews business plan and financial model. With proposed changes in the health sector, CayJam looks at a more comprehensive development plan requiring more land in Portmore.


Cardiovascular Hospitals of America (CHA), CayJam, PMG Ltd, and the Portmore Municipal Council signs Letter of Intent to move ahead with plans to construct the Portmore International Hospital and Medical Center.


CayJam Development, a delegation from the Portmore Municipal Council, the President of PMG Ltd, architects, and an engineer attends the opening of the Kansas Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas.


Physicians of the Portmore Medical Group (PMG Ltd.) elects interim management board: Dr. Karen Osbourne, President and Dr. Paul Ramphal, Vice President


Portmore Medical Group (PMG Ltd.) is formed to represent some of the most important medical specialists in Jamaica.


CayJam offers investment opportunities to physicians in the proposed Portmore Hospital


CayJam Development enters architectural design and financing stages of the development.


May 19-22, 2006, CayJam Development held its Pre-Launch dinner, un-veiled the hospital designs, and hosted a public discussion forum at the office of the Portmore Municipality.


Health Services International, the Canadian consulting firm completes a comprehensive feasibility study and business plan for the Portmore Hospital and Health Center.


January 2006, CayJam Development and the Portmore Municipality host a public discussion forum on the Portmore hospital project.


Health Services International (H.S.I.) of Canada begins Feasibility Study for Portmore hospital development.


CayJam Development hires Health Services International of Canada (HSI) to complete the feasibility study and business plan for the Portmore Hospital.


Need Survey and Draft Services Brief completed


CayJam Development with Mayor George Lee, Dr. Karen and Devon Osbourne, and Blue Liaison holds discussions with prospective partners and operators in Miami for the proposed Portmore hospital.


CayJam Development holds initial discussions with the Ministry of Health of the proposed Portmore hospital.


CayJam Development holds technical meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Health, National Environment and Planning Agency, National Solid Waste Management Authority, National Works Agency, Jamaica Public Service, National Water Commission, Jamaica Fire Brigade, Water Resources Authority.


CayJam Development to start Phase 2 of Need Assessment Survey - April 19, 2005.


Memorandum of Understanding for the Development of a US$40M 200-Bed Type-A Hospital signed with the Portmore Council.


CayJam Development Ltd. signs agreement with Blue Liaison Corporate Finance of the Netherlands Antilles to raise funding for the proposed Portmore Hospital.

2004-2005 Hurricane Ivan halts progress on the development plans.


CayJam Development Ltd begins preliminary discussions of the feasibility of constructing a hospital in Portmore in response to expressed needs of the Mayor George Lee and the Portmore community.