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CayJam Development Ltd. - Overview
Development Team:

Portmore International Hospital development partners:
Cardiovascular Hospitals of America (CHA)
Portmore Municipal Council, Portmore Jamaica
Health Services International, Canada (H.S.I.)
Portmore Medical Group (PMG Ltd - Cayman Islands)

Local Project Manager
Integrated Consultants Ltd., Local Project Management - Jamaica

Partial Development Summary:     CayJam Development Ltd. is a property development company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, engaged to develop, construct, deliver and operate a first class healthcare facility through contracted qualified and experienced operators, for the residents of Portmore and surrounding areas.  With over 250,000 residents, Portmore is presently served by Type A and Type B hospitals in Kingston and Spanish Town, each with a minimum 30 minute drive from the City of Portmore.

CayJam Development has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Portmore Municipality to construct a Type A hospital in the City of Portmore, which would comprise a 64 to 120 bed multi-specialty tertiary hospital featuring the latest state of the art medical equipment and IT systems.  In addition, CayJam Development would build a limited number of spacious luxury 3-bedroom condos for medical recovery situated around large man-made lakes and numerous water features. Also in this development, there will be two gated townhouse complexes for medical staff and other professionals within the gated Portmore Medical City.

In partnership with Cayjam Development Ltd. is Cardiovascular Hospitals of America who has developed a unique formula for private hospitals to run very profitably, with several hospitals working in the United States.  They incorporate a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced integrated equipment and information technology, coupled with a highly competent team of surgeons and physicians who have a vested interest in the hospital.   With their experience and expertise, we propose to utilize their formula in Portmore and other areas.

The development will be a smart eco-friendly medical and knowledge city. In addition to the hospital, a university campus will be constructed on land within the complex. The first phase of the campus will feature a nursing school and a medical school.  CayJam Development has signed an MOU with the University College of the Caribbean who will operate the nursing school under a long term lease arrangement.

A 320,000 sq ft commercial and shopping district are also included as part of the overall development on the 104 acre property in Portmore, will provide much needed space for clinics, sports mall, entertainment, shopping and much more.

As part of its focus to attract international business and clientele, CayJam has identified suitable ocean front property in Montego Bay area for the construction of an all inclusive medical and recovery resort to be developed as an extension to the Portmore Hospital. This development in Montego Bay, once completed, will focus on the medical tourism arm of the Portmore Hospital Development.